lørdag den 15. august 2009


Interaction by Barsky
Barsky is the collaboration between Klisterpete and Akay from Stockholm,Sweden

Everytime something is done on the street there is a level of interaction involved. Maybe its not the interaction we hoped for or expected, but every project is an invitation to respond. Even if the response is someone taking down what has been offered up.

This ongoing project has been surprising to watch continue. To see how different people come and make it their own, which is the most you could hope for with projects in public spaces.
Its a simple idea: form simple texts from simple materials, in this case white boards arranged in an easily accesable space that can be seen from anyone walking over a bridge.

People come down to change the message. In some magical moments the message becomes a dialogue, a political debate, a declaration of love. We’re not really sure what it was that got the conversation started. But maybe it helps to begin with an apology


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