torsdag den 12. november 2009


Dr Lakra is a tattoo artist living and working near Mexico City. In his parallel activities here, however, Dr Lakra transfers his draughtsmanship onto the idealised figures in 50’s Mexican magazines. Pin-up girls, wrestlers, beauties and cuties are tattooed and 'enhanced' in ink with bats, demons, spiders and the faces of pouting vixens. Like pertinent graffiti, the relative innocence of another era is politicised and the images are infused with a relish for the diabolical. Beautification or social identification, the works are a carnival of the grotesque. Kitschy erotica, ancient ritual, and hallucinogenic visions are fused in a collage of ideologies.
via Satchi Gallery:

3 kommentarer:

  1. han arbejder på en ret fed måde. kan godt lide den måde hvor det er gamle magasiner han dekorere.

  2. Det er også en ide man kunne overveje at bruge når man selv arbejder..

  3. PISSE fedt:)
    Især med de gamle "rene" ting der blivre gjort lidt mere hardcore